The Dis-organizer Demon

This page is created because I like the Disc-world dis-organiser demon, and I wanted this demon in my organizer. (Lots of people will now start to think I am mad.)
The Dis-organizer demon plays a small roll in (at least) two Terry Pratchett Discworld books: Feet of clay and Jingo. Commander Vimes of the city Watch is the owner of the disorganiser. Het does not understand these modern gadgets, which results in frustrated dis-organizer demon. Read the books if you want to know more.

The contents of these pages reflect my own interpretation of disorganiser. So do not blame Terry Pratchett.

Please note: These pages are still under construction. It would be great if you could help me to expand the organiser. Suggestions, drawings and texts in HTML, are welcome. However I can not guarantee that your material will be published.
I can also make a link to your own web side, so you can change the pages locally. Since I use frames, your pages will be displayed within the Dis-organizer. Mail me

Burning question: I thought demons were red with little horns?
You are right, however it took me days to persuade a real demon to do the Dis-Organizer work for me. So a quick disc world solution was to take a imp (small lizard-like creature) and teach him some dis-organizing tricks (no problem there).
The great advantage is that you can use the famous binary learning system to mass produce the disorganizer. One imp needs to learn the basic dis-organizing skills and you teach him how to teach two other imps. An imp should be trained to teach two other imps the basic dis-organizing and teaching skills. After doing this you can sell the teacher imp and both of the trained imps can train four other imps , and so on. After 32 generations you will have 838860 imps, so it's a splendid business opportunity. The only trick is to make them stop teaching. I haven't solved that one yet but I am sure the someone will.

Psion 5 Dis-oranizer
It all started with the Psion 5 version. Since web pages are a bit limited and slow, I created a program to make interactive stories. The story is stored in a standard database file and can be changed by an experienced user. You can download a zip file with the Dis-organizer story and the story reader program.
Download ( 85k)

HTML Dis-organizer
For people who do not have a Psion 5 organizer I have created an HTML version. The advantage is that the pages are in colour, but there is no sound. If you have a slow connection you can also download all the HTML files at once.
Goto HTML Dis-organizer
Download ( 115k)

"Demon inside" stickers
Ok you have got the Dis-organizer demon in your Psion. But you start to miss something ... well something which should be there

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